BulletBlocker NIJ III Bulletproof Ceramic Strike Plates

BulletBlocker NIJ III Bulletproof Ceramic Strike Plates
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Product Description:

Standard ceramic body armor bulletproof strike plate panel inserts. Certified NIJ Level III used (in conjunction with NIJ IIIA). Set of 2 - Front and Back.

Single Plate Available: $289.99

Our unique fragmentation and bulletproof vests have been combat proven under the harshest conditions and provide utmost protection while allowing easy maneuvering and mobility. Our Research & Development department specializes in developing and engineering body armor fragmentation and bullet resistant vests, to suit every mission and assignment.

Features and Benefits
* Will fit ANY bulletproof vest that has front and/or back 10 by 12 inch sized pockets.
* 5 years Warranty

These ceramic plates are certified to protect against rifle fire. The NIJ III ceramic armor plate protects against the following bullets (up-to):

* 7.62mmX39mm bullets (steel core) fired from an AK-47 rifle
* 5.56mm SS109 bullets (semi-steel core) fired from M16/AR 15 auto/semiautomatic rifle
* 7.62mmX51mm 80 type bullets (lead core) fired from M14 automatic rifle * Certified Level 3

* 2 Ceramic Plates @ 7.4 lbs. Each Plate
* 9.25 inches x 11.25 inches approx.