Bullet Blocker networking with others in public safety and security

Welcome! BulletBlocker actively welcomes networking with others in public safety and security, as well as anyone interested in promoting safety in their business. We are seeking to develop an exhaustive resource list of security professionals, blogs, web sites, white papers, governmental and non-government organizations. We are happy to add a listing representing you and your efforts to each relevant topic covered by our mini-blogs.

Can we work together? While we appreciate links back to BulletBlocker, they are not mandatory. If you have a blog and would like to increase comment activity, have more links pointing to you, please let us know about your site. If you would like to contribute any information to any of the BulletBlocker mini-blogs, we'll make sure to give you full and complete recognition and reference on anything you provide. We prefer short and concise quotes, statistics, comments and information - up to about 150 words. Eventually, we will engage in the production of full site reviews, interviews and white papers as a means for stepping up collaborative efforts.

How else can we help you? If you have an organization, membership-based site, or a business, we are happy to set up a 10% discount for your colleagues, associates and members. This is a quick, easy and free way to increase the value of your organization to the people who are most important to you. It shows that you are concerned about their safety and well-being as undoubtedly more and more people are becoming increasingly concerned about the state of our economy and what that means in relation to budget cuts for police, prisons and crime. You can also take advantage of volume purchases to pass along even greater savings to your people.

Our Mission is to help save lives and we know that our equipment is only one component in this effort. While our products will certainly help, they are most effective in conjunction with a program of awareness and education. BulletBlocker's full range of bulletproof products are best considered as tools, like a seat belt when driving or a flotation device when out on a boat. We want to connect with others who are established in promoting awareness, education and training, to help expand your reach as we have the same basic mission and treat upon different parts of it.

The Bottom Line is that people are concerned about their safety and the world around them. We like to think, "It can't happen to me." But, it happens to thousands of people just like you every year. For every one person killed by a handgun, 3 - 4 more are hospitalized. That trends between 14-17,000 and 60-70,000 people per year, respectively. Our effort is not to convince anyone of the problem, but to increase awareness of it so that those who feel they want additional protection can have it. Eliminating the pervasiveness of handguns, crime and shootings is well beyond our control. While we hope you will never need the protective aspects of our gear, we're pretty sure that you will find they have the same utility as other products on the market. Passing along 10% savings to your employees and members of your organization is simple and easy.

How does all of this work? Very easy and nothing especially formal - just drop us an email letting me know about your interests. We'll get everything set up for you, give you the opportunity to suggest any changes you would like.

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