BulletBlocker Bulletproof Vest, Body Armor and Tactical Gear

Our Return Policy

Are your products made in the USA?
YES. We proudly manufacture our products in the USA. We are located in Lowell, MA. and all products are shipped from there.

Why do you use the term "bulletproof"?
“Bulletproof” is a common term that is well known and well researched by the civilian market. A lot of effort is put into educating our customers about the limitations of NIJ standards and ballistic materials. Our products are NIJ Threat Level 3A. Although the professional community avoids the use of “bulletproof”, the definition fits our products to the NIJ Threat Level 3A standards.

How to use our packs, bags and cases
Hold bag between yourself and the threat using the straps as handles. Use as a shield to provide cover for upper torso (vital organs) and head whenever possible. While taking shelter, use the bag to protect yourself in the direction of the threat. If running away, hold bag high on your back or in the direction of the threat to protect your head and upper torso (vital organs).

All MJ Safety Solutions (Bullet Blocker) products are custom made with an emphasis on quality. We employ professional seamstresses and each product must pass a strict QA analysis. The entire cycle time from placing your order and shipment is centered on quality control and not speed. Please allow 14-21 business days.

Why does it take longer than normal to get my product?
While we stock most of our products, each bulletproof panel is custom made resulting in varying production times. We do not pre-make our panels because ALL anti-ballistic materials, purchased from us or any other company, have an industry standard expiration of 5 years. We do not want to further shorten its longevity by stocking it on our shelves. We may have some of our popular products available for quick turn-around, so call us to see what may be available. This is why we usually do not offer overnight or expedited shipping. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality product to our customers.

The US Transportation Security Administration does not prohibit any Bullet Blocker product or body armor.

Wholesale pricing
10+ items: Contact us for quantity pricing.

Convicted felons may not be in possession of any body armor. Connecticut residents require a face-to-face transaction when buying body armor unless the buyer is a police officer, a Police Department, or the military. We will ship your product to a BulletBlocker Dealer in Connecticut. Ask your local retailer about Bullet Blocker products.

Weight/Dimensions of a product
The Bullet Blocker panel in our backpacks, bags, briefcases or inserts weigh approximately 20 ounces. Individual weight of custom clothing products varies depending on sizing. On average, most clothing products only add an extra 4-5 lbs. of weight.  Specific information on weight and dimensions of each individual item is on the product page.

“Your own” Backpack inserts
Bullet Blocker Backpack inserts are available for purchase in many sizes to fit most pre-owned bags or compartments. In most situations, you can measure or make a template of the insert size and send it to us, or you can send us your bag and we will custom craft an insert for you.

Custom-made Panels
Bullet Blocker Custom Bulletproof panels can be produced in virtually any shape or size. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your custom project or needs.

Shipping Level III and IV plates outside the US requires a U.S. State Department export permit which can take at least a month or two to obtain. Plan your purchases accordingly. Level IIA, Level II and Level IIIA products generally do NOT require a Bureau of Industry & Security export license to most countries. Consult your own government to check on body armor regulations in your country including estimated import duties and taxes.

Comfort / Concealment
Most clothing products only add an extra 4-5 lbs. of weight and are barely noticeable. If fitted properly, mobility is not an issue. Concealment depends on body type, clothing and properly fitted body armor. Overall, products are very comfortable and with the moisture wicking of our vests even heat is not intolerable.

Clothing sleeves
The sleeves of all clothing products are not bulletproof. Only the torso (vital organs) are covered, but we have the ability to customize most items, so call us to discuss your needs.

Sizing of clothing
Please refer to the sizing/measurement instructions for each item on the product page. Purchase your actual size. Ballistics are thin and flexible so there is no need to size up. If you have any questions/concerns with sizing, please contact us.

Cleaning care
Most panels are removable except for items with sewn in panels (Guardian backpack, Everyday backpack, Pistol Case, Notebooks and the Laptop Case; refer to the product page for the information). Remove the bulletproof panels and only clean the panels with a damp cloth. All clothing can be cleaned per the instructional tag once the panels are removed.

Stab resistance
All bulletproof panels are inherently stab resistant, but they are not tested to meet any resistance standards so can not be listed as such.

Different levels of protection
There are pistol threats and rifle threats. Soft bullet resistant material stops pistol rounds and fragmentation but only a rigid rifle plate stops a rifle round. Level IIA, Level II and Level IIIA will stop the majority of pistol round plus 12 gauge and OO buckshot but no material is ever 100% ‘bulletproof’.

The tradeoff between protection, wear-ability and conceal-ability determines the level of protection and is a personal choice. The biggest difference between Levels is the amount of blunt trauma impact protection.

Level IIA generally ~4 mm thick
Best if thinness, comfort and conceal-ability are the most important factors. May be worn for extended periods and allows for greater mobility. However, many prefer the extra blunt trauma protection from Level II or Level IIIA.

Level II generally ~5 mm thick
Often worn by police officers and a balanced choice between blunt trauma protection, cost and thickness/conceal-ability/comfort. Recommend if concealment under light clothing is a priority.

Level IIIA generally ~8 - 9 mm thick
Thicker, stiffer, heavier and more expensive but will stop more of the uncommon pistol threats. Tested for 9mm sub-machinegun and .44 magnum; plus it offers more blunt trauma impact protection.

Rifle protection
Rifle rounds require Level III or Level IV Ballistic Steel, Ceramic or Polyethylene - usually 10" x 12" weighs from 4 to 9 lbs per plate to cover the Chest and/or Back. Doubling up two (2) Level IIIA WILL NOT stop a rifle projectile!

Can I test shoot my product?
No. If you have any questions or concerns about your product, please contact us immediately.

Can you make a panel to custom fit my tactical bag?
YES. Our BulletBlocker Custom Bulletproof Panels are available in a number of sizes to fit just about any bag or compartment.

Are your products tested for reliability?
YES. We proudly the display the test results we have from H.P. White's Laboratory of Maryland, the premier testing facility for NIJ standards.

Is there a number I can call to discuss a purchase?
Due to the detailed nature of our custom products, we ask that you direct inquiries with specific details via email to info@bulletblocker.com since we are better able to address documented detailed inquiries. However, we are glad to speak with you @ 1(978) 224-1172 M-F 9AM-5PM EST.