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BulletBlocker's products were created by a real-life father, trained as an Army Ranger and a firearms instructor with over a decade of law enforcement experience. He developed these products after searching for ways to provide a higher level of safety for his two school-aged children. In early August of 2007, "My Child's Pack" was invented by Joe Curran and introduced to the public. The bulletproof backpack received instant distinction. The Boston Herald, ABC News, CNN, CNBC, Fox News and The New York Times all featured this ground breaking product. The "bulletproof backpack" quickly became a consumer favorite and remains so to this day.

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General Inquires: Info@BulletBlocker.com

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Our phone number is 978-224-1172

The regularity of school violence makes it clear that we need to, as parents, take a proactive approach in keeping our children safe. Our collective military and law enforcement experience places us in a unique position to offer both practical and effective personal safety solutions with our diverse line of bullet-resistant products.

Bulletproof and Bullet Proof are popular terms for body armor and anti-ballistic/bullet-resistant materials. We use both to define products certified NIJ threat level (3A) and higher. BulletBlocker products are independently tested and certified by White's Laboratories in Maryland.

Be safe and thank you for choosing BulletBlocker.

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