Standalone Strike Plate

*Only Weighs 3.4 lbs*

BulletBlocker NIJ III Bulletproof Standalone Strike Plate
BulletBlocker NIJ III Bulletproof Standalone Strike Plate
Item# BB-FDB-FR3

Product Description:

These ultra-lightweight plates are curved to better conform to your chest. This plate is designed with an asymmetrical cut on the top left and the top right to allow for a more comfortable positioning of a rifle stock on either shoulder.

They are made of lightweight Dyneema & Spectra sealed with a tough textured polyurethane protective coating that is resistant to chemicals, gasoline, oil and extreme elements.

Unlike ceramic plates they are stress fracture resistant. You can take a tumble or toss the plate carrier without worrying that you might have damaged its integrity. Unlike a steel plate it will never rust or corrode.

Designed to be used with all of our BulletBlocker plate carriers or any plate carrier with a medium or large SAPI. (Small Arms Protective Insert)

Features and Benefits
* NIJ III standalone strike plate ( NO NIJ IIIA panel required )
* Made of lightweight Dyneema & Spectra only 3.4 lbs each
* Certified NIJ Level III
* Standard 10x12 fits into vest external pockets
* 5 year Warranty

These ultar-lightweight plates are certified to protect against rifle fire. The NIJ III PE armor plate protects against the following bullets (up-to):

* 7.62mmX39mm bullets (steel core) fired from an AK-47 rifle.
* 5.56mm SS109 bullets (semi-steel core) fired from M16/AR 15 auto/semiautomatic rifle.
* 7.62mmX51mm 80 type bullets (lead core) fired from M14 automatic rifle.