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November Marks Military Family Month"

Military Family Month was established by the Armed Services YMCA in 1996, and the U.S. Government has acknowledged the occasion every year since then. Each November, the President signs a proclamation that pronounces November as Military Family Month. With thousands of service members deployed overseas, it is important to take adequate time to recognize the sacrifices made by military families across the country. In former President Barak Obama’s proclamation last year, he encouraged Americans across the country to honor military families through private actions and public service, and to respect the contributions they make to support the service members of our Nation. This year, President Donald J. Trump encouraged all communities and sectors of society to acknowledge and honor the services and contributions of veterans and military families. Throughout the month, our Bullet Blocker family will recognize and appreciate the immense sacrifices Military families make.


Week Two: How to Support Military Families

             Last week, we kicked off National Military Family Month, and we will continue to honor this occasion over the next few weeks. This week, the focus is on how to best support and express respect for military members and families alike throughout this month and the rest of the year. As we saw last week, military families across the country endure hardships that most of the general public are unaware of. These include frequent relocations, separation from family and friends, financial difficulties, and a general lack of emotional and social support.

There are many services provided locally and nationwide to show appreciation during Military Family Month. The Armed Services YMCA provides specialized programs and support services to military members and families. The goal of their programs is to help families come and stay together in the face of difficulty. Some of their services include Operation Hero, which is a free afterschool program tailored to the unique struggles of military children, designed to help military kids get back on track in school and at home. Another one of their programs is Operation Holiday Joy, which aims to make the holidays brighter for military families. Since 2004, supporters have donated more than $1.5 million for military families, ensuring that each family will have gifts for their children and food on their table for the holidays. As the holiday season approaches, consider making a donation to this great cause to honor the sacrifices made by these families and service members.  Sears Heroes at Home is another organization committed to providing support to military service members, veterans, and their families through joint efforts with non-profit organizations. Operation Homefront is just one of their partnerships, with the mission to build strong, stable, and secure military families so they can thrive in the communities they work hard to protect.
            There are also ways that you can help directly within your community to increase awareness and provide support to military members.  Writing a thank-you note to a family or service member for their sacrifices is an easy and inexpensive way to show gratitude. Making a spouse or service member Care package is a great way to ease stress during a deployment. Some things to include would be toiletries, forms of entertainment such as books, magazines, or DVD’s, and clothing. Making a donation to a military organization is another great way to support members and their families, especially as the holiday season approaches.

As mentioned last week, we sell a variety of tactical gear and body armor ideal for any law enforcement, federal, military and public safety professionals seeking extra protection on the job. The Gabriel Ballistic Base Layer Compression Vest is our featured product this week. As one of our classic items, it provides the same anti-ballistic protective coverage area as traditional law enforcement body armor vests. It meets threat level NIJ IIIA, which is the highest level of protection available in soft body armor. Its covert design makes it an ultra-concealable and lightweight option, ideal for military, police, and civilians alike. Its customizable fit and features ensure comfort and ease of mobility for all wearers.

As we near the halfway point through National Military Family Month, show support and respect to military service members and families in whatever ways you are able. And to all the brave military members who served our country, we want to express our gratitude and immense respect this Veterans Day. Thank you for your service!


 Week One

This week, we will focus on bringing light to the top issues and stressors that military families face.

Military families across the country endure hardships along with those who defend our Nation. Blue Star Families conducted a military lifestyle survey in 2010, and found that 92% of military families felt that the civilian population did not understand or appreciate the sacrifices they are forced to make. Regardless of whether that is a perception of reality, it is a problem nevertheless. It is necessary to bring light to the hardships that military families have to make. They can be separated from their loved ones for months on end, and relocated across the country, or even around the world. Because of the frequent relocations, they can be estranged from their extended families, and have to celebrate holidays and milestones with empty seats at their table. Military spouses have the responsibility of making ends meet while their loved ones are away, and of securing new employment with each relocation. Children of service members often grow up without one true place to call “home,” as they are often moving to new cities, schools, and neighborhoods.

In last year’s survey conducted by Blue Star Families, military families ranked their top stressors related to time in the military. The top response was employment, followed by deployments, financial issues, and relocation issues. Over half of the spouses rated separation as a top stressor, as well as isolation from family, and limited social support. Despite the hardships that arise with the frequent change and transition, military families are a continual example of strength and nobility in the face of difficulty.

For years, Bullet Blocker has offered a 5% discount on all products for all military service members as a way to express our immense appreciation and respect. We sell a variety of tactical gear and body armor ideal for any law enforcement, federal, military and public safety professionals seeking extra protection on the job. Our bulletproof backpack panel inserts are a great product to keep the whole family safe and protected while at school, work, or travelling. As military families are frequently relocated to unfamiliar and new places, having the peace of mind that the whole family is protected and safe on the way is crucial. Our discrete backpack panel inserts come in two standard sizes, but can also be customized to fit your own backpack’s unique dimensions. They covertly make your pre-owned item bulletproof by offering Level IIIA anti-ballistic protection while still remaining compact enough to fit into purses, notebook portfolios, and backpacks. 

This month, we hope you will join us in recognizing November as Military Family Month.  As you go about your week, support military family members by attempting to empathize with the hardships they face, and offer help in whatever way you are able.

October Marks Crime Prevention Month"

 Officially recognized as Crime Prevention Month, October is the month when the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) recognizes those who work tirelessly all year to prevent crime and highlights new tips and resources for effective crime prevention in the future.


Week 4: Workplace Safety and Prevention

             Throughout the month we have provided proactive tips and solutions on community, neighborhood, and personal safety. As we near the end of Crime Prevention Month, we will provide information and tips for workplace safety and prevention. Often, individuals overlook the importance of workplace crime prevention, focusing primarily on their home and neighborhood safety. But the majority of people spend a good portion of their time at work, which means that it is just as crucial to use crime prevention skills in the workplace as it is at home and in their neighborhood. In fact, according to the FBI, over 80% of active shooter incidents between 2000 and 2013 in the U.S. occurred in the workplace. Of the workplace shootings, the majority occurred in businesses, followed by schools, government sites, and then healthcare facilities. Whether the place of business is a corporate office, a restaurant, a store, an auto repair shop, or healthcare facility, prevention skills can make the workday safer for everyone.

The manager or owner of a company has additional responsibilities, as they must be on the lookout for vandalism, shoplifting, fraud, and other criminal activity. Additionally, employers must ensure their employees are safe—not only from unauthorized “visitors” or customers but also, from each other. This means employers must be cautious when hiring, verifying references, and running background checks on employees when necessary. Additionally, it is important for every company, regardless of size, should have an effective and well-practiced emergency plan in place.

The NCPC offers a basic list of things that individuals can do to stay safe while at work. Keeping all valuables locked and stored away to prevent theft, always checking the identity of strangers in the workplace, and reporting any suspicious activity to management are just a few ways to prevent crime. Also, keeping adequate emergency supply kits on hand with water, nonperishable food, and a first-aid kit is essential. It is important to assess the company’s vulnerability to all kinds of crime, ranging from burglary to fraud. Following basic crime prevention principles, and working alongside local law enforcement to protect your business are effective ways to be actively involved in preventing crime.

Many workplaces have started to implement comprehensive safety prevention and protocol within their companies. Employers can conduct safety and security audits, practice active shooter emergency drills, implement workplace violence emergency protocols, and train employees on how to respond to incidents of violence. While these measures can ensure that employees will be prepared for an emergency, it fails to adequately protect them and give them peace of mind.

In addition to our collection of briefcases and backpacks, we offer workplace safety solutions to keep you prepared and protected with that extra peace of mind. Our NIJ IIIA Safety Seat is one of the top-rated workplace safety solution products at BulletBlocker. It is a discrete, anti-ballistic shield disguised as a seat cushion. It is ideal for teachers, doctors, lawyers, or other individuals who desire their own personal safety barrier readily available in case of an emergency. It is made with the latest DuPont Kevlar technologies, which means that the panel is lightweight, covert, and reliable. The open cell foam cushion promotes comfort, and the non-slip straps that keep the seat in place double as handles if the anti-ballistic safety shield is needed.
            As violence in healthcare facilities continues to rise, it is necessary to say protected. We offer a Medical Lab Coat, ideal for men and women in the medical, pharmaceutical, or consultation field who desire a layer of lightweight and discrete anti-ballistic protection. The coat is armored with a concealed NIJ IIIA bullet-resistant liner for optimal safety while on-the-job. The coat’s durable fabric has antimicrobial agents embedded to prevent microbial growth and provides an exterior fluid barrier.

We also offer a Defender Notebook Folio, which is a zippered portfolio perfect for any workplace professional that desires an extra layer of bulletproof protection that is both practical and stylish. Using the latest DuPont Kevlar technologies, the zippered folio provides the same NIJ IIIA protection found in all our products, adding less than a pound in weight for ballistics. The anti-ballistic panel is sewn discreetly into the genuine leather folio so you never have to worry about compromising comfort or concealability. The lightweight bulletproof notebook is ideal for anyone who wishes to effortlessly enhance their safety each day at school or work.

As the end of another National Crime Prevention Month approaches, stay safe and be prepared. The best way to prepare for any emergency is to be informed, stay up to date on training, and be equipped with adequate supplies and resources in your household, workplace, community, and neighborhood. Being proactive in crime prevention could save your life!

Week Three: Personal Safety

As we near the halfway point through October, we will now move towards a more focused approach through the final weeks of Crime Prevention Month. The previous themes took a broader perspective towards prevention strategies by focusing on community and neighborhood safety. This week’s theme is personal safety. While the incidence of personal violence has dropped to its lowest level in almost three decades, it is still vital to be proactive in personal prevention strategies. No one wants to be another unfortunate victim of assault, robbery, or other acts of violence, so it is necessary to stay protected and prepared in your personal safety while at home, work, school, traveling, and on the go.

The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) provided a list of effective strategies to help protect yourself from crime. When out, they recommend only carrying the cash you’ll need on that particular day, and walking with a friend if it is late or dark. They advise to park your car in well-lit parking lots with good visibility and close access to walkways, stores, and other people. They stress the importance of locking your car and house, regardless of the time you will be away.

Taking a local self-defense training course or a safety and prevention course is another inexpensive way to keep your knowledge on crime prevention up to date and relevant. Many local law enforcement agencies offer these classes to the general public at a low cost. In addition, the NCPC now offers a university community training class to help ensure the safety and security of administrators, faculty, and students on college campuses. The new curriculum also includes units on emergency preparedness and threat assessment. Institutions can incorporate this training and host an event sponsored by the NCPC by contacting them online for more information.

While prevention tactics and strategies are helpful, they are unfortunately not always enough. No one can predict when a criminal event will take place, to what extent its severity will be, or how quickly external help will be available. This is where proactive protection strategies come in. At BulletBlocker, we offer a variety of products to keep you safe and protected from criminal events and emergencies. Our products allow you to take charge of your personal safety, and fill in the gaps where prevention strategies fall short.

As we move into the colder fall months, our Fortress Fleece Vest is the perfect option for those looking for a product with optimal insulation and comfort. These are conveniently available in both men and women’s sizes, with four color options to choose from. They are always customized to fit your unique measurements for maximum concealability. The vest includes two interior gun pockets with an internal strap to hold down the barrel or slide. Whether you are a hunter, hiker, commuter, or student, the Fortress Fleece is very versatile and perfect for anyone who desires lightweight anti-ballistic protection.

We offer many bulletproof bags for those on the go.  Our NIJ IIIA Gym-Duffel Gear Bag will provide the most active individual safety, while being discreet enough to keep it by your side at work, at the gym, or while traveling. This is our largest carry-all that is the perfect option for those looking for a versatile, inexpensive, full-size bag to fit all of their supplies. This lightweight bag weights only around 3 pounds, and is airport security and metal detector friendly.

Our Leather Laptop Tote is a great product for women looking for extra protection in their personal safety prevention strategies. It has ample storage space, multiple zippered compartments, and a padded computer sleeve, still weighing in under four pounds. Its elegant and antique hardware makes it a stylish and classic tote designed to keep you organized and safe.

Being proactive in your personal safety is just as important as implementing prevention strategies within your neighborhood and community. Personal safety starts with you! This week, consider taking steps to prepare and protect yourself at school, work, and on the go.

Week Two: Neighborhood and Home Safety

Last week’s theme of community engagement offered a broad approach to crime prevention, by involving all community members, working alongside law enforcement officers, and participating in applicable training courses. Week two of Crime Prevention Month offers a smaller scale perspective by focusing specifically on neighborhood and home safety.

            In these times of economic and social distress, the threat of rising crime in communities has been cause for concern. With law enforcement agencies cutting costs nationwide, it is not always a guarantee that help will be there immediately in the event of criminal activity. This is why it is important now more than ever for community members to come together. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help protect your home and surrounding neighborhood from crime. Neighborhood Watch is one of the oldest and most effective crime prevention programs nationwide. It works by bringing neighborhood members together to work with law enforcement and make the community a safer place to live. Working alongside the local police or sheriff’s office is necessary to receive relevant information and training. Coordinating regular meetings allows residents to get to know each other and plan out effective program strategies and activities. Another way to bring community members together is to sponsor a crime and drug prevention fair in a central neighborhood area, such as a church hall, community center, or shopping mall. The goal of Neighborhood Watch is to supplement law enforcement officers by reporting suspicious activity in order to better prevent crime.

The Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Training Program, otherwise known as CPTED, is a multi-disciplinary approach to deterring criminal behavior. Its goal is to prevent crime by designing an environment that positively influences individual behavior. The design is based on four main themes: natural access control, natural surveillance, territoriality, and maintenance.  CPTED training courses are offered within local communities and schools, and are an effective way to implement prevention practices within your local community and neighborhood.  

The best way to prevent crime within your own home is to invest in durable door and window locks, or even a standard security alarm system. High-quality locks help to prevent burglary from occurring, and are a key element of a homeowner’s prevention strategy. Consider all of the entrances to your home such as patio or garden doors, storage and basement doors, and garage doors. It is important to secure all of these doors as appropriate, as a burglar can easily identify the least secure door on the property and will often use it to gain entrance. In addition to investing in a security system, the Nation Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) also recommends that homeowners use appropriate lighting to illuminate home entrances and walkways.

Our NIJ IIIA Bulletproof “Built-for-you” Backpack Panel inserts are an inexpensive and discrete option to keep the whole neighborhood prepared. The Built-for-you option allows you to purchase an anti-ballistic panel that is custom-made to fit your backpack. It is an inexpensive way to make your pre-owned bags bulletproof, as it can easily fit into your backpack, tactical bag, gym bag, or briefcase. Its versatility makes it ideal for every member of the community. Using the make and model of your existing pack, we customize our NIJ IIIA panel to correspond with your bag’s unique dimensions. This is ideal for commuters and students who already have a favorite pack but desire an extra layer of protection. The ¼ inch semi-flexible “bulletproof” panel is made with the latest DuPont Kevlar technologies, which means that it is high-quality, durable, and lightweight. Community members can feel confident and safe whether at school or on the go without ever compromising comfort or concealability.

For individuals looking for more than just a panel insert, we offer a variety NIJ IIIA bulletproof backpacks, with options starting at just $210.  “My Child’s Pack” is BulletBlocker’s smallest bag designed for young children, made with the same lightweight, semi-flexible ballistic panel used in all our products. Its ergonomically designed shoulder straps and padded back panel provide all-day support and comfort, while its multi-compartment design offer ample storage space. For commuters or college students looking for a larger backpack, The Everyday Backpack is a great option. Its anti-ballistic panel only weighs 20 ounces—about the same as a water bottle! Its lightweight design will ensure concealability and comfort without compromising on safety.

            As we enter the second week of October, consider taking the first step in crime prevention by uniting your neighborhood community and implementing prevention strategies within your household.


Week One: Community Engagement

In 1984, the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) designated October as Crime Prevention Month. Every year since then, government agencies, civic groups, schools, businesses, and organizations have used this month to educate the public, showcase accomplishments, and explore new partnerships. October is the official month for recognizing the importance of crime prevention practices, and bringing awareness towards significant matters like victimization, volunteerism, and community safety. In honor of Crime Prevention Month, BulletBlocker will be releasing a comprehensive guide each week in October with relevant information and insight into pressing issues in crime prevention. Now is the best time of year to discover new strategies, safety and prevention tips, and safety recommendations for your home, workplace, and community. Be sure to check back each week for a new theme!

Engaging community members in local safety efforts and working alongside law enforcement officers to identify relevant issues is an effective way to work towards achieving community goals. Many cities offer hands-on training courses that teach strategies for keeping communities safe from crime and prepared for any emergency. These are an inexpensive way to enhance your skills and be better equipped for the future. Organizing and participating in monthly community meetings is another great way to ensure all members are working together toward common goals. This way individuals can discuss relevant issues, make decisions on how to address them, and formulate a plan of action in the unfortunate event of a crime.  While law enforcement is effective, their services can be unpredictable and untimely in the event of an emergency. This is why it is so important to ensure your community is proactive in its protection and prevention methods. 

At BulletBlocker, we offer a variety of products ideal for all members of your community. Our signature bulletproof vests are an easy and discrete way to be prepared for any crime or disaster that may strike when help is not readily or immediately available. The Gabriel is a ballistic base layer compression vest that meets level NIJ IIIA standards while still maintaining a lightweight design. Its anti-microbial fabric technology will keep you cool and dry, and its anti-abrasion properties will lessen the risk of injury. These bulletproof vests are a great option for individuals who are looking for a discrete way to stay protected, as they can easily be worn under clothing and remain undetected. The Gabriel is a great option for all members of your community, as it is affordable, comfortable, and offers a wide range of size options. 

Our NIJ IIIA Bulletproof backpack panel inserts are another inexpensive and discrete option to keep the whole community prepared. The panels are conveniently lightweight at less than two pounds each, and come in different sizes that can be individualized to different backpack dimensions. The panels are flexible, safe, and durable, making it a great option for those on the go. They are an inexpensive way to make your pre-owned bags bulletproof—it can easily fit into your backpack, tactical bag, gym bag, or briefcase. Its versatility makes it ideal for every member of the community.

            Proactive strategies are vital to overall community preparedness for criminal activity, and its ability to withstand and recover from emergencies. The needs of all people can be met when communities come together to prepare and stay protected.


Survivalism and Survivalists encompass a very wide range of interests focusing generally upon disaster preparedness - for any type of disaster. When the power goes out, and stays out, what do you do? Well, if you're smart, you've done something to prepare for this possibility. Planning for virtually any disaster equates to planning for all natural and man-made disasters. Different situations may call for modifications, but the things you absolutely need are food, water and shelter. There are a lot of things that make being without electricity a lot easier. Flashlights and batteries, matches and lighters, canned goods and other foods with a long shelf life, gardens, fishing and hunting. Survivalism is about a lot of things - not just being prepared, but being self-sufficient, and practical education on how things work. There's more to cover about Survivalism, than I can cover here. To your right, you will find a great blogroll of the best Survivalist sites, blogs and forums available online. Below this article, you will find some short reviews on them, too.

"Something" Hit the Fan: Not knowing which disaster is on the way makes it easier to sleep at night. On the other hand, if you enjoy life, you want to do everything you can to preserve it and the lives of those you love and care for. The global economy is front and center, and has everyone's attention. The state of the dollar and other currencies, banks, financial institutions and government solvency are just one set of very critical issues that have many people very concerned. Disasters are "Something Hits the Fan Scenarios". The global financial crisis was a long-time in the coming. It is the direct and explicit result of not taking steps to confront risks. We have in the United States single companies requiring hundreds of billions of dollars in bail outs of taxpayer money. These companies did not take steps to reduce, eliminate or even balance their risks. That, unfortunately, is the mainstream.

Global Financial Crisis: Mass Coronal Ejections and Polar Shifts may sound far fetched, the global financial crisis is not. It is real. It is here, now. The only real question here is how much worse will it get? More than survivalists are preparing now. The United States is the world's largest economy without counting the European Union, being a collection of sovereign states. The State of California alone ranks 8th in overall world GDP - and could stand as a nation unto itself. California in addition to 40 more of our 50 states are in the midst of major budget issues. The United States has been significantly dependent upon China, of all countries, to buy US Government Bonds. On June 28, 2009 even the Chinese banks were deemed to be in financial trouble.

The Theoreticals - What If...? It's appropriate to ask a lot of questions. What happens if... your employer goes out of business? What if... your bank gets closed down? Odds are you are probably safe on up to $250,000 per account by the FDIC, but even that has limits. What if... California goes bankrupt? Okay, so that won't happen because it will probably get a Federal Stimulus Package. So, what happens if any one of the other 40 states without a balanced budget does not get a stimulus package? What happens when you go to your bank and you can't get money out? Even if you are prepared, how is everyone else going to handle any of this? How prepared are the millions of people who live from paycheck to paycheck to handle any one of these situations?

Fear Mongering! Promoting fear is to encourage people to run away from problems. Fear is trying to avoid problems knowing they aren't going away. Turning and facing them, planning and preparing for them is not promoting fear - it's promoting courage and decisiveness. Hope is not a strategy. Looking at what the numbers have been saying and are saying now is rational. Relying upon what may or may not exist in 3 or 6 months is not rational. Not being rational is what got us into this global economic mess. Watching Wall Street is not rational. It is normal to be scared when confronting problems. It is irrational to be dominated by fear. Oh, sure...the economy, it'll be fixed in three months. The banks? They're fine, just need a few billion more - no sweat. Jobs? Green shoots are on the way, man! That'd be fine if cows were unemployed.

Survival Community Blogs and Resources SurvivalistBoards.com - Extensive, friendly and educational. Just about anything you could want to know about everything related to disaster preparedness, contingency planning, and large portions of what is also associated with LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability) is on file here. Health, Fitness and First Aid is one section, Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping is another. Urban Survival to Farming, Gardening and Recipes - feature everything from how-to's to lists of things you will need and want. There's active conversation and debates on many topics, most of all you will find it to be a very friendly site more respectful of others than you're likely to find on any political forums. Think you are alone in your concerns? No.

SurvivalBlog.com is dedicated to family preparedness, survival, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency. Written by author and former military intelligence officer Jim Rawles, his site is viewed in over 100 countries. Lots of very good information - hundreds, if not thousands, of posts.

The Survivalist Blog - An independent blog with some pretty good articles, including quick tips on assembling your own "Grab And Go Survival Pack" also known as a "bug out bag".

Urban Survivalist Blog - This would ordinarily be too small and inactive to include in this list for having only three articles. They focus on short-term disaster preparedness, quick and easy.


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